Inbound Lead Nurturing

Timing is key in an inbound lead nurture campaign. Each prospect will progress through their buying journey at a different rate. To keep them moving, we need to be able to identify the buying stage and challenges and offer relevant content and advice to address that pain at the right time.

Marketing Qualified Needs ( MQL )

Marketing qualified lead is a prospect that has come through expressing interest in one’s product and then converting into a lead. This lead fits the qualifications, or standards, that a lead must possess as determined by marketing. Qualifications can be anything that fits with someone who will be most likely to buy the product or service.

For example a marketing qualified lead, with the qualifications that marketing sets, may have to fit within certain revenue numbers, the company that the lead is coming from may have to have a certain number of employees, or they have to come from a certain vertical. The MQL is usually a lead that has progressed farther down the marketing funnel.

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