If you're looking for an experienced, successful B2B Marketing Agency - you've come to the right place.,/ Whether you are an established company and know that B2B telemarketing works for lead generation, event support or market research. (but your experience to date has not impressed you)

Or you have a field sales team and want insight into what is working, to provide them with better quality appointments and to help them improve performance through a supportive team or better leads.

Or maybe you sell through partners and would like to improve the efficiency of your IT telemarketing - looking at channel fitness, recruitment, onboarding and incentive programmes?

In all cases, partnering with MDA your outbound B2B telemarketing services makes perfect sense:

Database Management List Sourcing, Data Cleansing Qualification

You need more data? Your existing customer B2B database is out of date? Its poor quality is likely to undermine your prospecting campaign?
You want to avoid wasting valuable campaign time on labour-intensive database cleansing and qualification?

MDA can take this task off your hands, while dramatically improving the effectiveness of your campaigns.
The benefits from MDA's involvement in your database sourcing and cleansing will exceed your expectations

 Best deals on data acquisition (we're not tied to specific providers)

 Clean and regularly updated B2B database

 More cost-effective campaigns

 Clearer segmentation

 More accurate targeting

 Higher ratio of secured appointments

 Improved prospect conversion rate

Channel Telemarketing Partners, Resellers & Distributors
Your business success hinges critically on your channel management -partners, resellers and distributors - and your relationship with them.
But the results are patchy. Is this due to inconsistent channel development, poor communications, or a bit of both?

MDA has partnered with field sales specialists to deliver seamless intelligent channel insight, recruitment, pipeline development and partner activation - both at a strategic and hands-on practical level.

We offer the high quality telephone-based activities and MDA offers the high-quality field sales activities, together we provide incisive insight at both high and ground levels.

Our methodology has helped some of the largest companies in the world. We are not aware of any other company offering this level of end-to-end service from benchmarking to finding and delivering the right kind of highly qualified channel partners for clients.

Event Support Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars Workshops
Much of your business is marketed through road shows, training workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.
But with limited responses to your direct mail or email shots, how can you attract more delegates and visitors?

Everyone knows that the success of an event is greatly enhanced by what you do before and after the day - but so many companies miss out because they don't have the resource. Our systematic approach to maximising event numbers is simple and guaranteed to turn things around for you.


 Confirm attendance

 Follow up afterwards

 We are also adept at securing confirmations from difficult-to-contact individuals and senior directors of large corporations.

 Events closely tailored to attendees' needs

 Increased delegate attendance, including more high-calibre individuals

 Improved conversion rates after an event

 Field sales force freed up to schedule new visits

White Paper Promotion

White papers need to be actively promoted. For White Paper Promotions, MDA will call contacts in the target and will introduce them with the topic of a (or several) White Paper, with the objective to generate leads, a lead being a contact willing to download the White Paper. The campaign will start with an email blast (to introduce the WP) and will continue with the telephone based promotion. Each lead identified by MDA will be reported to the client and will contain the following elements:

 Company overview: company name, address, activity and size (number of employees and turnover)

 Contact details of key decision maker identified: telephone (reception and/or direct line), email address, job title

 Confirmation that the key decision maker would like to receive a copy of the white paper and/or would like a call back from a Representative

Take promotion of your white paper to the next level by working with MDA on an integrated, multifaceted program. Generate leads via your company's collateral and ensure your investment in white papers pays off. Partnering with MDA allows you to get in front of our large database of subscribers- your potential customers- in the industry vertical of your choice.

Incoming Leads Follow Up

Any incoming lead can be considered a sales opportunity. You can create opportunities and associate them to a salesperson so that you can keep track of potential sales. Comprehensive and effective sales lead follow-up is a simple concept that every salesperson can take to build their prospect pipelines and grow sales without increasing headcount.

MDA can follow up incoming leads such as people leaving their contact details via a web form for downloading an e-book or White Paper and events attendees. In that case, MDA will call each contact and will provide a summary of the discussions that will take place between our agents and the prospects, reporting a status on their level of interest, potential needs/projects, and call to action. There will be two types of reports, one similar to the Contacts Profiling for the general feedback of all treated contacts, and one similar to the BANT Leads for the hotter prospects. MDA will maximize the conversion of inbound sales leads into customer

Sales Pipeline Development Lead Database Management

Lead management and sales pipeline development starts when any prospect expresses interest and wants to learn more about your product or service. Pipeline development is core to maximizing all your current and future sales and marketing investments. Companies that get this right have seen significant revenue growth at a reduced cost of sale. Helping to provide the strategy and building these totally integrated engines is one of our top differentiators and it's why our clients win.

We can manage all or parts of your pipeline development including: lead nurturing with content and marketing automation all the way to live sales engagement with experienced sales reps. Our team has one goal - producing highly qualified sales leads to fully qualified appointments, so your lead management and pipeline development program can easily be combined with a lead generation program at a minor incremental cost and then combined with outsourced sales staffing. All programs include totally transparent ROI reporting.