MDA Account Profiling & Contact Generation Services

The most effective sales people gather valuable, relevant information about their prospects before approaching them with a sales pitch. Account profiling provides detailed background information about target accounts, giving sales people key insights into their company, needs, pain points, decision makers, challenges, budgets and timelines. This information allows sales teams to customize their sales pitch, messages and approach for more powerful, effective results.

Account profiling data can be helpful when reaching out to new prospects and expanding your sales efforts. MDA's account profiling services provide critical data about target accounts, helping our clients customize and prioritize their channel sales and partner marketing programs accordingly.

We'll contact your prospects and ask strategic, open-ended questions, gathering information and building detailed account profiles. Armed with this knowledge, MDA's clients can prioritize and customize their approach accordingly. They can work more efficiently, disregarding contacts with tight budget restrictions or other potential red flags.

What Can You Expect

As part of our account profiling efforts, we'l

Gather information through outbound calling to create company profiles on your prospects.

Check profiles to ensure accuracy.

Provide you with sales intelligence, including detailed account information, company challenges, decision makers, budgets, timelines and more, allowing you to customize and prioritize your approach.

Conduct pre-qualification questions to ensure that you're reaching out to only the most qualified prospects.

Maximize your sales and marketing efforts by truly understanding your targets before you approach them.

Account profiling will allow you to customize and prioritize your outreach, increasing your successes.