MDA List Rental & Email Blast Services
Our goal is to provide you with the most superior, up-to-date and comprehensive contacts available. And with over 500 job titles on our database, you have plenty to choose from. The quality of our publications creates the quality of our readership; that is why our database contains one of the best sources of leads in the region.

In addition to our email services, MDA will provide you with a targeted list for your postal campaign. Whether you know exactly who you are looking to target or you need some help finding the right list, MDA’s experienced staff will help you find the perfect contacts. If you have yet to choose your mailing house then worry not—MDA can assist in sourcing, setting up and fulfilling your campaign.

Take your marketing message beyond your data with MDA sponsored email blast! Over 700,000 IT managers and IT professionals on MDA's fully owned DB have opted to receive 3rd party information from tech marketers.

Take advantage of the knowledge and purchasing power of this group by sending a dedicated single sponsor e-mail blast to the entire list or a demographic subcategory that pertains to your special tech products.


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What Can You Expect
MDA holds a fully owned database, including qualified contacts with opt-in, personal email addresses. As part of Email blast campaigns, we make the data available to our customers for list rental with two possible options:

  In-house: in that case, the client is providing MDA with the HTML and MDA proceeds with the broadcast using Campaign Commander from iContact. No extra costs for the broadcast.
  Third party mailing house: in that case, MDA delivers the data to a third-party mailing house in exchange of a NDA.
  Company profile: country, activity sector, number of employees, turnover
  Contact profile: many types of job titles are available for both IT and Business Decision Makerram
  Technology profile: it is also possible to sort out the selection by type of technological solutions in place such as specific ERP, CRM, OS, databases, servers, Application Development tools, ALM tools, BI and Reporting tools, Firewall and Security, Cloud and Virtualization.

MDA Email marketing services provide reports, graphs and statistics that show you how your email campaign is doing. You can see how many customers open your emails and even which links they click on. You can see how many people unsubscribe and how many forward your emails on to others. These reports also let you know how many emails bounced or didn't reach their intended destination, and you can tell how many are still unopened. Some email services work with Google Analytics to give you even more data to contribute to a successful campaign. Most email marketing services help you maintain your list of contacts by automatically deleting email addresses that bounce.